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By mionis
I'm looking into options on a KDM generator. Commonly we create our DCPs on a Clipster and generate the various KDMs. Curious if there's just a stand alone generator. So far some of the options will create a DCP, which we are not interested in. Just the KDMs. Any suggestions?
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By jamiegau
The stand alone KDM systems are typically for enterprise use, as such, are expensive. They also typically do certificate chain verification on certificates before they will spit out any KDMs.

The cheaper DCP mastering tools typically come with the ability to create KDMs as well, but simply against a target certificate with no checking to make sure its a REAL DCI certified device.

I understand there is also some open source code that does some form of KDM creation.

In any case, KDM creation on a large scale is more about the TDL (trusted device list) upkeep more then the KDM tool itself. Its relatively cheap compared to the logistics of building and up-keeping a database of DCI certified equipment.

The Wikipedia page in digital cinema has a reasonable break down of tools and what they can do.
I would start there.

By Carsten
It should be possible to use DCP-o-matics KDM Creator (Win, Mac, Linux, others). Export DCP-o-matic certificate, import into Clipster, and then create DCP-DKDMs for DCP-o-matic to use in the KDM. Should work, but I never tried.

- Carsten