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Now the digital transition is over, many of us are looking forward..
Whats Next?

In my coverage of NEB/CinemaCon, this was one of my main agenda items. Many of the interviews and questions I asked were centreed around this exact question.

Barco was especially forthcoming with some great incite into Laser and where it going.
While at CinemaCon they announced the Blue Pump Phosphor light source roadmad for the lower end and the 6Primary for the LPF end. Going into decent detail on it..

NEC or course has continued with a new BPP Laser, the NC1201.

Christie was unusually quiet.. I did approch them but they pointed out the Dolby HDR laser is powered by their laser modules, but thats really a Dolby idea and product to talk about..

I expect Christie will come out at full steam next year.. Maybe they are just biding their time, as really, not any great reasons to market to hard yet as cinemas have many years with Xenon kit they just purchased..

In any case, I very much recommend viewing the Barco video I did on Laser
One with Goran, and one with Bill - CinemaCon 2015, plus the video on Rec.2020 with Goran.

Barco all in on Laser Projection ... rojection/

NAB 2015, Barco on Laser (6P and BPP) and HDR ... p-and-hdr/

NAB 2015, Barco on Rec.2020 color space with their Laser Projector ... projector/

Otherwise there is many hours more of interesting interviews if you have the time.